Monday, March 12, 2012


As the civilian death toll increased, a power struggle within the FSA erupted with the defection of General Mustafa Al Sheikh, who established the Higher Military Revolutionary Council on February 5, according to Major Mahar Naimi, the official spokesman of the rival rebel group.

"The four colonels heading the FSA are managing the operation from a refugee camp at the Turkish-Syrian border, while we are fighting on the ground with light weapons everyday for a free Syria," said Lt Col Hamado, who pledged allegiance to Gen Al Sheikh.

Col Al Kurdi, the deputy leader of the FSA, insisted the rivalry is of no concern to him and will not affect their fight against the "killer Bashar".

"Gen Al Sheikh has no real followers except for some soldiers who defected from his hometown. Split we are, yet unified in our call for weapons because we cannot defeat Assad's helicopter gunships, rocket launchers, mortars, and tanks that he is using to erase Homs off the map," he said.


Soldiers who defect bring their personal weapons with them and whatever they can grab. Our FSA troops have conducted operations on several warehouses belonging to Assad's army and confiscated stockpiles of RPG's, machine guns, ammunition, and rifles," he said.

"Syrian merchants and loyal citizens unable to join the militant opposition have donated finances to sustain their hopes of a liberated Syria."

Col Al Kurdi said the price for a rifle is 70,000 Syrian pounds [Dh4,485], a machine gun costs 240,000 Syrian pounds, while a rocket-propelled grenade goes for 150,000 Syrian pounds.

rifle: 70,000.00 SYP = 1,218.45 USD
machine gun: 240,000.00 SYP = 4,177.55 USD
rpg: 150,000.00 SYP = 2,610.97 USD