Sunday, January 6, 2013


Indian troops 'raid' Pakistani military post

Indian troops have raided a Pakistani military post, killing one soldier and injuring another, the Pakistani military said.
The incident early on Sunday could heighten tensions between the neighbouring nuclear powers after a period of rapprochement.
The Pakistani army repulsed the attack on the Sawan Patra checkpoint in Kashmir, an army spokesman said in a statement.
"We retaliated only using small arms. We believe it was clearly an attempt on their part to facilitate infiltration of militants."
- Colonel Brijesh Pandey, Indian army spokesman

The two sides then exchanged fire across the Line of Control, an internationally recognised line in the disputed Kashmir region patrolled by troops from both countries.
Colonel Brijesh Pandey, a spokesman for the Indian army in Kashmir said that Pakistani troops "initiated unprovoked firing" and fired mortars and automatic weapons at Indian posts early Sunday morning.

Conflicting accounts
Kamal Hyder, reporting from Islamabad, said attacks across the Line of Control are not uncommon.
"We're getting conflicting reports from both sides. The Indians saying that this was retaliatory fire for a mortar attack coming from the Pakistani side. However, the Pakistani military said a number of Indian soldiers took on a Pakistani military post, after which the Pakistanis retaliated and the Indians were forced to flee, leaving some of their weapons behind," our correspondent said.

"It is tricky area and it must be understood that this is all happening on a day when both the Indian and the Pakistani national cricket teams are playing their third and the last of a series of one-day matches."