Friday, February 1, 2013


Translated from Maliweb//2/1/2013//1300PST:
Coup Garrison Off Limits--

A French armored column took the direction of Kati last Saturday. The company has turned around halfway. The alert was, to say the least hot in the city houses the headquarters garrison former coup.

This is the total mystery around the case. At least six (06) heavy vehicles (BRDM the French in this case) took the direction of Kati in the afternoon of Saturday 26 January. It is at the foot of the Sami district of the hill, a few kilometers from the Kati convoy halted before turning back. Was he wrong way or he would otherwise instructed? Mystery, gumdrop!

This increase has, in any case, let Kati indifferent. Understandable concern has indeed seized both Sundiata Keita tenants that camp populations. By all indications, the occupants of the camp had not been informed of this movement.
BS Diarra