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THE TESSALIT OASIS--The involvement of the United States from France in the Sahel war is now inevitable, but their strategy boils down to the use of drones with zero casualties sceptically the Algerian daily Liberté.

The U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, seems to be a fan of platitudes. How else to explain his reminder that terrorism threatens the country beyond its borders? This will obviously inevitable justify its involvement in the war against AQIM [al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] committed by France.
After trying the recipes only ingredient military in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States convert to solution "full menu" in the fight against this phenomenon.

When the Vice President reiterated the constant American defense of its own interests wherever they are, the CIA boss replica opposite, a kind of sharing of roles, to emphasize the need and importance of AFRICOM [United States Africa Command, U.S. Command for Africa], force SDF [homeless], driven from Stuttgart, Germany to destroy AQIM. Hence one need: to find a hosting country.
And it is no coincidence that U.S. officials cite as namely AQIM threat in North Africa where they have interests and an interest in intervening to eliminate it.

But this time, the manual is revised and updated. Longer a question of hiring battalions of soldiers to stuck in quagmires. It now operates with surgical strikes and drones with zero casualties. The top technology and refinement in the art of war. But it is not enough to overcome these extremists.
The solution is, of course, by the physical liquidation of ultras but also by removing the soil that nourishes them and reducing their recruitment pool fed by misery, poverty, exclusion and lack of rights. Any program that diplomats call the approach through a comprehensive strategy.
But it would not counting the weight of the military-industrial lobby dictates the action to take. The U.S. AFRICOM prefer a strategy taking into account the humanitarian aspect. And democracy, both sung can wait.





GAO - Gao in northern Mali, as they patrol other Malian soldiers. But the men of Colonel Staff Alaji Ag Gamou, former Tuareg rebels for many face the distrust of some of the people and some of their brothers in arms, who "have an eye" .

Thirty soldiers stationed at the entrance of the great city of the North (1200 km northeast of Bamako), pop in for a pick-up patrol.
They are among some 400 items of Staff Colonel Gamou returned last week and based in the area of Gao. They were bent and had been stationed in neighboring Niger after their defeat in March 2012 against the armed groups, including the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), last Tuareg rebellion independence to date.

Residents welcomed the patrol en route to the city center, taken Jan. 26 by the Malian and French armies jihadists, who after conquering the North with the MNLA had ousted as Gao.
"Vive le Mali, vive la France!" Throw young soldiers lattice of skinned Tuareg. "I'm happy to return to help in the liberation of my country," told AFP one of the soldiers, Ahmed, gray turban around his neck. "But quite frankly it is France that has made ​​the biggest job to us to do our best," he slips.
Near the big market, the soldiers face off, search a shop. Nothing suspicious.

"Malian Touareg before"

"We want to secure the entire area," explained Colonel in the AFP headquarters Gamou his arrival Saturday Gao. It is to him as his military duty: "I am Malian Touareg before. Mali, this is my country."

Number of soldiers like him former Tuareg rebellions 1990-2000, integrated into the army under the peace accords.
Enough to feed the suspicion of a portion of the population of Gao (about 70,000 people before the exodus of months), the Tuareg and Arabs, often equated with armed groups, have deserted these days.

Face men Gamou, "we must remain vigilant, do not trust them too," said Abdoulaye Kabo, a member of the black majority and employee of a local NGO. It is reassuring, however, "being for computers, they know they have to time their interest in the Malian army, not in caves in the mountains where they are exposed to cold, disease and poverty" .
The bulk of the Islamists would leak with heads hidden in the mountains near Kidal (extreme north-east).
About Gamou soldiers, Alhessane, tea seller, is categorical. "You have to keep an eye", asserts he approved by customers sitting around a wooden table. "They have already betrayed several times when we lived in harmony with them, they took up arms against us." One client, Idrissa, disagrees. For him, the elements of the former rebel became a key man of the army came "risking their lives". "They are patriotic and we should trust them."

With their brothers in arms in Mali, the situation is also sometimes difficult. In the early days, they also rubbed little Gao. "Within the Malian army, there are some who do not trust them," observed a soldier. But times have changed, replica a corporal: "there is no difference between us and the people Gamou."
At the time of the defeat last year Alaji Ag Gamou had created a stir by announcing his joining the MNLA. A "trick" to evade the enemy, had he said afterwards.
Colonel General Staff now wants to go to Kidal, where French soldiers are present and Chad, but also parts of the MNLA and dissident Islamist group Ansar Dine Tuareg.
Kidal, which the officer had been expelled in 2012 by insurgents in recent months was the stronghold of Ansar Dine, his personal enemy movement Iyad Ag Ghaly. The two men were rivals when they already belonged to the Tuareg rebellions of the 1990s.





Saturday, March 31, 2012
by Masin

Colonel Staff Alhaji Gamou ag, one of the pillars of the Malian army which led most of the attacks against the MNLA and has suffered several losses eventually join those he wanted to fight.
We publish below the statement of Colonel Staff Alhaji ag Gamou published by Toumast Press .
The Editors


Statement of Colonel Staff Alhaji ag Gamou.

"Me, Colonel-Major Alhaji Ag Gamou, former chief of command Malian troops in the region of Kidal, former Chief of Staff Deputy President of the Republic of Mali, along with all the troops origins Azawadiennes under my command, declare our adherence to the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA).

I call on all to join Azawadiens and strengthen the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) in its struggle for independence, as it remains the only organization capable of out of our people abyss into which has maintained the Mali for over 50 years.

We denounce the mismanagement and ostrich in the Malian Azawad, and we declare all our resignation of all its instances. I appeal to the community sub-regional, regional and international help the people of Azawad through the MNLA for its independence. We declare that all our experiences are acquired for the benefit of Azawad, and the interest of the people of Azawad in achieving its goal of independence and restoration of rights dispossessed.

We recall that all crises have occurred so far in the Azawad, are indicative of the resurgence of liberating actions, long delayed by the citizens. They are the expression of a people sob bruised, bullied, ridiculed, robbed and manipulate throughout its historical vicissitude. The Azawad waiting to be pruned its branches unnecessary Malian governments successive ruling by famine, poverty, bullying and theft. The legitimate political, usurped, here and there, give life to democracies, highlighting the need for a radical break with current practice.