Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Translated from Malijet--Feb 19, 2013

impressive stock of explosives ready in a property that has stayed a leader of Mujao.

GAO--In Mali, the French army took place Wednesday at dawn Gao after the discovery of an arsenal belonging to the Movement for the uniqueness and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao).

A device of some fifty men belonging to a clearance section and a section of protection has been deployed in the area of ​​the hotel where you installed Askias foreign journalists. The soldiers found inside a property, Abdelkrim last known residence, one of the leaders of Mujao, an impressive stock of bombs.

They removed four drums of 200 kilograms of TATT an improvised explosive nitrate. The barrels were connected by a cord detonators. Sealed and insulated, the machines were ready. Only missing triggers. The fear of suicide bombings

Ten other empty drums, but equipped with the same device, were stored in the yard. Shells and ammunition were stored inside the house. The jihadists had apparently he planned to use the explosives to blow up a bridge at the entrance to the city a month ago at the beginning of the operation Serval. Surprised by the speed of the advancing French troops, they have not had time to take action and preferred to flee.

The deposit could serve as a reserve to mount terrorist attacks. Infiltration of jihadists do indeed fear of suicide bombings in the major part of a strategy of urban warfare. Two armed Islamists blew themselves up last weekend on dams. Sunday, fighting has for more than four hours Malian and French forces and armed groups in the city center.

By Thierry Oberle