Wednesday, February 20, 2013


NORTHERN FRONT--Everyone is unanimous on this point: the support of French forces in Mali was decisive. If the liberation of the city of Konna was made after violent clashes between the Malian army and terrorist groups, the regions of Gao and Timbuktu and other cities was made without resistance. Almost.

Today, the French army believes that the liberation of the northern regions of Mali's done. In any case, the French military source, the entire national territory is under the control of the Malian army and its allies. This is why France, Mali's main ally in the war against terrorism, is going to reduce its military presence on our soil. But at the same time, not least questions remain. Particular, the prolonged absence of the Malian army in Kidal. The hopes raised by the military intervention of France is blunted by the unclear situation prevailing in Kidal, where, to this day, the Malian army was unable to walk. Only the French forces and Chadian are present.

 There is no need to attend a military school to understand the gap between official statements and the reality on the ground. Because can we really talk about control of the national territory without the presence of the national army in Kidal? Also, there is no secret to anyone that the MNLA considered as the main actor of the crisis in northern present. Better, its components patrol alongside French and Chadian forces. What is causing anger and indignation in the opinion. Therefore, the French troops and Chadian allies who say the Malian army, they accept to mix elements of MNLA, who do not hide their dislike for the Malian army? The Malian people are still waiting for answers to these questions. And the Malian authorities, who had pledged to inform people remain silent on the vagueness surrounding the town of Kidal.

Initially, the Malian authorities had suggested that the Malian army is present in Kidal. A few days later, other news, state that "the Malian army is en route to Kidal and his entry into the city of Kidal's only a matter of hours."

Other issues raised by our people: the Malian authorities they renounced Kidal? They hear or observe the condition laid down by the MNLA: negotiation? The Malian army has it, really tried to get in Kidal? What is behind the silence of the Malian authorities deal with this situation?
The least we can say and with regard to what happens in Bamako, Kidal seems to be a priority for the authorities of the transition. However, eligible for clean elections in Mali, without the presence of authority over the entire national territory is only a decoy.

Abu BERTHE  (Translated from Maliweb//Feb 20/2013)