Sunday, March 17, 2013



"On the night of March 15 to 16, 2013, elements of French GTIA GTIA 4 and TAP were engaged in a search and destruction in the massif of Adrar to the south of Ametéttaï, about sixty miles South Tessalit.

 In the afternoon, during the progression towards the South, an AMX 10 RC jumped on an explosive device, killing the pilot and injuring three other crew members, including two seriously.  These quickly evacuated by medical helicopter, were supported by the surgical unit stationed in Tessalit transportable.  Any terrorist has been detected in this area during the action.  Two caches of weapons and food were located and destroyed earlier in the day.  This operation, like all those carried out since February 18 in the Adrar des Ifoghas aims to seek out and destroy terrorist groups and to dismantle their sanctuaries.

 French soldier killed in this operation is a corporal in the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment (1st RIMa) Angoulême The Head of State "address to his family and loved ones its deepest condolences and respect the whole nation. "  "It welcomes emotionally determination and courage of the French forces engaged in Mali in the final phase, the most delicate of their mission,"


Born April 8, 1989, Alexander Van Dooren has committed 20 years of age by signing a contract with a volunteer at the Centre parachustise Specialized Training (CPIS) to Perpignan.
 A few months later, he was assigned to the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMa) Angoulême for a period of 5 years.  After his initial training, he was elevated to the first class distiction of October 7, 2010 and joined the 3rd Squadron of the unit.

AMX-10 driver CPR, he obtained a year later, his basic military certificiat.  Described as "very dynamic and highly effective" by his superiors, he was promoted to Corporal on April 1, 2012.
 During her career, Corporal Van Dooren notably served in Djibouti, in the 5th Regiment of Interarmes Overseas (RIAOM) and in Guadeloupe, the 41st Marine Infantry Battalion (BIMa), as Team Leader PROTERRE.  During these missions, he was noted for his "sense of responsibility and hardiness."
 Soon 24 years old, living in concubinage and one son, Corporal Alexander Van Dooren held the bronze medal of National Defence.