Wednesday, September 11, 2013



In a world full of think-tank experts, most of whom who have never fired an M-16 or tossed a grenade, it is no surprise that their only claim to victory on the battlefield is who can flash more ivy league credentials. This appears the case in the boot given today of Elizabeth O'Bagy from the so-called "Institute for the Study of War."


The ISW's president is Kimberly Kagan, yet another in a long line of Kagans who for some reason have the ears of generals and politicians alike; all of the Kagans belonging to a club of Yale and Georgetown privileged elite who have never issued a command on a radio in a real life combat situation. Some say she is attractive, that is if you have a crush on the school librarian.

So what did O'Bagy do that caused her demise; she lied on her resume? That's deserving of isolation, diminished rations and the firing squad at dawn. But even worse, she issued a report that Secretary Kerry referred to in a Senate hearing regarding jihadists that have infiltrated the ranks of the Syrian opposition.

O'Bagy stated that the common perception of the opposition full of unemployed Al Qaeda guys from Iraq is simply not true. By the time the Wall Street Journal printed the article and  Kerry name-dropped it at the hearings, the word was out that something didn't add up. In fact, it prompted Russia's Putin to call Kerry a "liar", that the opposition was lousy with Qaeda fighters and they were out to rape and pillage Maaloula, a Christian enclave that was just overrun the other day by the rebels.

Putting all of this into context, which translates to the Great Obama Stall of 2013, this big desire to let diplomacy replace cruise missiles in order to stroke Putin; there is little doubt that maybe the ISW is clueless as to what the strategy here really is. But what can anybody expect from the librarian anyway?

Without the opposition's ranks overbloated with Qaeda killers, Assad hasn't a good leg to stand on, Putin is simply irrelevant; the Great Stall to bomb the chemical weapons factories will then have to happen whether the American public likes it or not. President Obama will realize that listening to think-tank strategists who are experts at diplomacy manipulation at the expense of immediately taking the high ground, will cost him a fortune in international credibility.

It is essential for the opposition to be bogged down with Qaeda fighters; this translated into Elizabeth O'Bagy being tossed into the minefield, the first casualty in the Washington, DC battle to get out of taking any action against the ruthless Syrian regime. She had to go, her credentials didn't stack up to those required to be a librarian. The result is Secretary Kerry looks like a bumbling fool and Putin the Russian who saves the day for the White House.

However, as Senator Lindsey Graham repeatedly said on CNN last night, "at the end of the day", the President will probably use the military option. The senator also reminded the panel that there are 35 million Syrians and the prospect of Al Qaeda taking over Syria is completely irrational. That should be some solace for Elizabeth.