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1941: British Bomb Syrian Oilfields

(OCR decoded, unedited)--
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DEPOTS BOMBE English People Demand Action: Precautions Taken In Syria: Mosul Oil Fields Occupied
Opening Blow lhat Mav Be Next Big Cam-paign Is Struck.
Army Of Las ant Declared Ready To Defend Its Territors.
(By The Associated Press) Wth the British pui-ix clamor-ing for action, RAF warplanes to-day bombed the oil depot at Beirut, French-ruled Lebanon, in what may have been the opening blow in the next great campaign of the war. Simultaneously, authoritative quare ters in London said Britain had now taken "necessary precautions in res gard to Syria"--neighboring French colony in the Middle East—and fin-penal headquarters at Cairo 371• nounced that British troops had act-cupied Mosul, the center of Iraq's _ rich oil fields, As the war momentarily threat-ened to boil over into this new thea-ter in the eastern Mediterranean. the •• Syrian high command declared that the army of the Levant was ready to defend its territory against any attacks. i- In Berlin, a Nazi spokesman said p France had taken "certain protece et Live measures" along the borders of :e some of her colonial possessions --a s, an evident reference to Syria and EP I Lebanon. I's Reports reaching Vichy, the French -ie 1 capital, said British planes this it morning attacked Beirut, blowing up 1- reservoirs and bombing the oil des pot there. , Recapitulating the 12-day battle ,,t- of Crete, the Germans asserted that 12, 000 more British and Greek troops  ii., i had been captured on the blitz-ray-) aged Mediterranean island, making rid! a total of 25,000. he 1 , The latest group of captives, it 1 was said, included 8,000 British and 4,000 Greeks. Previous British reports said 15,- 000 troops had been safely with-drawn from Crete, out of an orig-inal contingent of some 30,000. Amid official silence, Britons II waited for word that the war may already have flamed into action in France's Middle East colonies of Syria and Lebanon. re v Cabinet Minister Lord &aver-ts brook's newspaper. the London Eve-ning Standard, declared British troops should occupy Syria at once if necessary for the defense of le (Continued on Page 17.) )r i ka 

Brit Counter-Daesh Air Sorties: After Action Report



(Akrotiri AFB, Cyprus)--The mainstay of Daesh’s financial income is derived from exploitation of a number of oilfields that they hold. These are overwhelmingly located in Daesh’s heartlands in eastern Syria. Several of these oilfields have already been effectively targeted by other coalition partners; RAF aircraft and precision weaponry are well suited to attacking, with low collateral risk, this type of target.

Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s return to RAF Akrotiri after their first mission, since the parliamentary vote to undertake air strikes in Syria.

Overnight, RAF Tornado GR4s, supported by a Voyager air refuelling tanker and a Reaper, and operating in conjunction with other coalition aircraft, employed Paveway IV guided bombs to conduct strikes against six targets within the extensive oilfield at Omar, 35 miles inside Syria’s eastern border with Iraq. 

 The Omar oilfield is one of the largest and most important to Daesh’s financial operations, and represents over 10% of their potential income from oil. Carefully selected elements of the oilfield infrastructure were targeted, ensuring the strikes will have a significant impact on Daesh’s ability to extract the oil to fund their terrorism.

Coalition air operations have already degraded Daesh’s front-line military capabilities and have assisted the Iraqi ground forces in liberating some 30% of the territory that the terrorists initially seized in that country during the summer of 2014. By extending RAF offensive operations into Syria, our aircraft are now able to help dismantle the means by which Daesh plan, direct and sustain their campaign of terror.



ISIS Air Campaign: The UK-RAF Factor

RAF Bombs IS Oil Wells In Tidal Wave II Mission
Sky News - ‎12 hours ago‎
Four Tornado GR4s - armed with Paveway IV guided bombs and precision-guided Brimstone missiles - took off from RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus to extend Britain's air war in the Middle East. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told Sky News they hit the Omar ...

Britain to double strike force targeting Syria - ‎18 hours ago‎
Britain is doubling its strike force in Cyprus to reinforce its efforts on the bombing campaign against IS terrorists in Syria. Today, two more Tornado jets and six Typhoons took off from their bases in the UK heading for RAF Akrotiri air base in ...

Britain launches airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State targets

CTV News - ‎16 hours ago‎
LONDON -- British Tornado jets struck oil fields in eastern Syria on Thursday that help finance the Islamic State group and Germany prepared to send reconnaissance aircraft to the Middle East as coalition forces stepped up efforts to fight the militants.

British Tornado Jets Begin IS Airstrikes

Sky News - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
British Tornado Jets Begin IS Airstrikes. Four RAF Tornados have taken off from Cyprus for the "operating area", Sky sources have said. 03:20, UK, Thursday 03 December 2015. RAF conducts first airstrikes of Iraq mission. Play video "Bombing IS: The ...

Brit Tornados Clean ISIS Clocks--

British Tornado jets in Syria 'wipe millions from ISIS war-chest' during first ... - ‎8 hours ago‎
British Tornado bombers have wiped off millions from Islamic State's multi-billion war-chest in their first mission against the terror network in Syria. As commanders doubled the size of the UK's strike air force in the region, it emerged their first ...

Syria air strikes: RAF Tornado jets carry out bombing

BBC News - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
Mr Fallon said there was a "very rigorous" process by which targets were chosen, and all British military action would adhere to "very strict rules of engagement". Asked how long the UK might be involved in the coalition campaign against IS in Syria ...

British Tornado Jets Begin Airstrikes Over Syria

Sky News - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
A spokesman for the Ministry Of Defence confirmed RAF tornados have just returned from their "first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes". Earlier Four Tornado GR4 jets took off from the Akrotiri base in Cyprus. Sky correspondent ...

British Tornados Launch Airstrikes Over Syria

Sky News - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
A spokesman for the Ministry Of Defence confirmed RAF Tornados had returned from their "first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes". Earlier four Tornado GR4s took off from the Akrotiri base in Cyprus. :: Live: British Jets Target ...

UK Akrotiri Bombers Hit ISIS Oilfields

1st British airstrikes on oilfields deal ISIS 'real blow' – Fallon

RT - ‎19 hours ago‎
The Tornado jets are based at Britain's Akrotiri base in Cyprus, from which they flew to Syria to conduct the raids shortly after the result of the vote was known. Some 397 MPs voted in favor of airstrikes, while 223 voted against, giving them a ...

Britain carries out first Syria airstrikes after MPs approve action against Isis

The Guardian - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
The strikes were focused on six targets in an Isis-controlled oilfield in eastern Syria, the BBC reported. The British defence secretary, Michael Fallon, confirmed that eight more jets – two Tornados and six Typhoons – were being sent to Akrotiri to ...

Hours After Vote, UK Bombers Hit ISIS Oilfields in Syria

Newsweek - ‎21 hours ago‎
A British Tornado taxis on the runway after returning from a mission at RAF Akrotiri, in southern Cyprus December 3. The U.K. began bombing raids on ISIS positions in Syria hours after British parliament voted to support action. Darren Staples/Reuters.

Britain joins Syria air war; Putin vows more sanctions on Turkey

Reuters - ‎16 hours ago‎
British Tornado jets took off from the Royal Air Force base at Akrotiri in Cyprus before dawn, hours after parliament in London voted 397-223 to support Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to extend air strikes from Iraq to Syria. Britain said they ...

RAF to send more of its Tornado fleet toward Syria for ISIS airstrikes vote

Daily Mail - ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
Britain's Tornado fleet is set to be sent within striking distance of ISIS in Syria as the RAF stepped up plans for operations in the warzone ahead of tomorrow's Commons vote. Several jets were spotted taking off from RAF Marham in Norfolk this morning ...

UK Labour MPs: Bomb ISIS Vote

Labour MP Neil Coyle who voted for Syria airstrikes calls police after Twitter ...

Daily Mail - ‎9 hours ago‎
A Labour MP has today gone to the police over a Twitter death threat as Jeremy Corbyn wrote to every party member telling them not to abuse politicians who voted to bomb Syria. Neil Coyle, 36, who is on a 'traitor list' of 66 MPs threatened with ...

How MPs voted on bombing Isis in Syria - full list

The Independent - ‎20 hours ago‎
MPs debate whether to extend British bombing of Isis to Syria for ten hours on Wednesday. Late in the evening they voted to support the Government's motion. Most Conservative MPs supported bombing and most Labour MPs opposed it. The SNP opposed ...

Five Labour MPs explain why they are voting to bomb Isis in Syria

The Independent - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and most of the party's member are against sending British jets to take part in bombing against Isis in Syria. A significant chunk of Labour MPs are expected to vote differently to their leader, however. Here is why five ...

Syria air strikes: MPs overwhelmingly vote in favour of bombing Isis in Syria

The Independent - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
David Cameron responded to the result of the vote by saying MPs had "taken the right decision to keep the UK safe", while Barack Obama said he was "looking forward" to the British joining the United States, France and the rest of the Coalition in ...

Recriminations begin against Labour MPs who voted for Syria airstrikes

The Guardian - ‎18 hours ago‎
Recriminations have begun against the 66 Labour MPs who voted to bomb Isis in Syria, with the former London mayor Ken Livingstone suggesting they would be legitimate targets for deselection. Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary, was the main focus ...

The 66 Labour MPs who voted for bombing in Syria listed

The Independent - ‎18 hours ago‎
MPs debated whether to extend British bombing of Isis to Syria for ten hours on Wednesday. Late in the evening they voted to support the Government's motion. Labour MPs were given a free vote and allowed to vote according to their views. Most Labour ...

ISIS Air War: Brits on Board

British air strikes in Syria could last three years as RAF focus bomb attacks ... - ‎10 hours ago‎
The former SNP leader Alex Salmond claimed that the late Tony Benn, who fiercely opposed the war in Iraq, would "turn in his grave" if he had heard his son Hilary's speech; No 10 indicated that Britain could put troops on the ground, after a spokesman ...

Syria airstrikes: Britain launches 'offensive operation' after vote to bomb ...

The Guardian - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
As the UK joins the air war on Islamic State in Syria, the government will be updating the public on its version of events, detailing what it believes has been hit. But a more nuanced picture may emerge from other entities equally interested in what is ...

Britain joins air campaign against Islamic State in Syria

Washington Post - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
In a passionate defense of his war plan from the green benches of Westminster Palace, Cameron argued that staying on the sidelines would be seen around the world — and especially in the Middle East — as a dangerous abdication of Britain's moral ...

Syria air strikes: MPs authorise UK action against Islamic State

BBC News - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
MPs have overwhelmingly backed UK air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria, by 397 votes to 223, after an impassioned 10-hour Commons debate. A total of 66 Labour MPs sided with the government as David Cameron secured a larger than ...

British Commons backs air war - ‎21 hours ago‎
Opponents argued that Britain's entry into Syria's crowded airspace would make little difference and said Cameron's plan was based on wishful thinking that overlooked the messy reality of the Syrian civil war. Cameron has long wanted to target ISIS in ...

Britain joins air war over Syria

Tribune-Review - ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
MOSCOW — The Islamic State group released a video Wednesday in which a Russian-speaking man confesses to spying for Russia's security service and then is shown apparently being beheaded by another Russian-speaking man. The authenticity of the ...